Inspecting The Truck

One of the best sources of evidence is the truck involved in the accident in a truck accident. The vehicle will be kept in storage by the motor carrier most of the time, and the plaintiff has to request to inspect the truck. The plaintiff is usually at a disadvantage when it comes to the physical examination of the truck. The plaintiff’s lawyer is usually retained only after some time has passed after the accident. Thus, there is always the possibility of deterioration or tampering with evidence after the accident.

Access to the Truck

There is even the possibility that the motor carrier will deny the request of the plaintiff to examine the truck. Through their truck accident lawyer, the plaintiff can take one of two options in case this happens. The first option is to file a temporary restraining order to ensure that the preservation of evidence. The second option is for the plaintiff to file a suit and serve a request to inspect.

Who Inspects the Truck

The inspection of the truck is usually done by the personal injury attorney and the reconstruction engineer. If the services of a truck safety expert are retained, then a truck safety expert may also be present during the inspection. Photographing and documenting the evidence is a must; high-quality photographs are preferred for use as future evidence.


The truck’s interior and exterior should be inspected and documented. The truck’s interior can give a clue about the driver’s conduct before and during the accident. For example, coffee cups could indicate that the driver was fatigued during driving.

The presence of contraband materials, such as illegal drugs, alcohol, or narcotics, could significantly impact the plaintiff’s case. These could indicate that the driver was distracted or under the influence when the accident happened.

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