Experts in a Truck Accident Case

Retaining the services of experts is often necessary in truck accident cases. A collision involving trucks can be challenging to reconstruct, and most people – even car accident lawyers – don’t have the required expertise to do this. Accordingly, plaintiffs often need to hire experts when litigating a truck accident case. Experts can provide valuable insight into the case, and their testimonies often have a persuasive effect on the court and juries.

Different kinds of experts may be hired to work on a truck accident case. This page will provide an overview of experts who may be retained in your truck accident case.  To learn more about what experts should be retained for your case, or why these experts are necessary, consult with your personal injury attorney.  

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Accident Reconstruction Engineer

Perhaps the most common expert retained in California truck accident cases are accident reconstruction engineers. As the name implies, the reconstruction engineer investigates the cause of the accident, as well as how the accident occurred. Truck accident collisions do not behave exactly the same as typical car accident cases. For one, trucks have larger mass and scale than standard vehicles; it follows that trucks behave differently in collisions as well. Trucks also have different mechanisms than typical vehicles. If the cause of the accident was the malfunction of a mechanism, then it will take an expert to pinpoint the exact cause.
A reconstruction engineer also possesses the unique tools necessary to reconstruct a truck accident. These tools are often unavailable to ordinary laymen, so it’s important to hire the services of an engineer. Furthermore, a reconstruction engineer can also provide diagrams, reenactments, and other such evidence that can be presented in court. 

Truck Safety Expert

Truck safety experts focus on the truck driver and the motor carrier in their investigation. This expert is well-versed in the provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and will assist the lawyer in examining the records obtained from the motor carrier.

The truck safety expert can give insight on whether or not the motor carrier and the driver were compliant with the provisions of the FMCSR during the accident. In some cases, the safety expert will even be able to tell if the records are factual and truthful.

The records involved in a truck collision case are often voluminous, and lawyers will need assistance in combing through all of them. The slightest detail can make or break a case, which is why some lawyers might recommend hiring a truck safety expert for the case.

ECM Expert

The ECM Expert deals with a unique feature found only in truck accident cases. In most commercial motor vehicles manufactured after 2005, there is a device called the Electronic Control Module (ECM), which records certain data about the vehicle. These data may include engine functions, which can be useful in proving damages.

Interpreting the data stored in the ECM is not an easy task. It is not something that can be quickly learned in a day. It requires knowledge and expertise. Even reconstruction engineers might not have the necessary skills to interpret the data found in an ECM. If there is ECM data available, the car accident lawyer involved in the case will often recommend hiring the services of an expert who can interpret the data found in it.

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