Reconstruction Engineer

The services of experts are often required in investigating a truck accident case. Commercial motor vehicles are built differently from typical vehicles, and they behave differently when a collision or accident occurs. While in a typical car accident it might be easy to pinpoint the cause of the crash, the same is not true for a truck accident. Often, the services of an accident reconstruction engineer are necessary to be able to pinpoint the cause of the collision accurately.

Accident Reconstruction Engineer

An accident reconstruction engineer is someone who has extensive training in reconstructing truck accident collisions. A reconstruction engineer’s role is mostly to assist the truck accident attorney in figuring out how and why the accident happened. Depending on the data available, the reconstruction engineer can usually pinpoint the braking of the vehicles, the speed at which they were traveling, any changes in the velocity, and the point of impact.

A reconstruction engineer also has special tools that can help reconstruct the collision scene. These tools are often difficult to find and operate, thus making the services of an expert necessary.

One particularly important task that a reconstruction engineer performs is the creation of diagrams and reenactments of the accident. Showing these in court can have an extremely persuasive effect on the jury and the judge.

To achieve his/her tasks, the engineer usually has to visit the collision site along with the personal injury lawyer, where he/she can give an initial analysis of the collision. Aside from this, the engineer will also need to examine the vehicles involved in the crash. A well-preserved vehicle can speak volumes about the condition it was in when the collision occurred, as well as any defects that may have caused it. Most engineers will insist on examining the vehicle and the site in person because they are more definitive points of reference than simply relying on photographs or videos.

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