Soft Tissue Injury

Soft Tissue Injuries After an Auto Accident

Soft tissue injury may cause you to experience mild or significant pain and impairment. Symptoms can appear right away, disappear, and then reappear. In some cases, the pain takes a few days to appear.

It is essential to get medical attention immediately after you are involved in an accident. Medical attention will be beneficial to get a treatment plan and document your injuries. In many cases, the longer you delay receiving medical treatment after an accident, the weaker your personal injury claim becomes.

You will need legal assistance using medical documentation as evidence to increase your chances of fair compensation for your injuries. A Sacramento personal injury attorney can assist you in receiving medical treatment and gather evidence for your claim.

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Symptoms of a Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries are common in most people involved in car accidents. A soft tissue injury affects the body’s tissues, including damage and bruising of the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in various parts of your body. The most common soft tissue injury is whiplash, which affects the neck’s soft tissues.  The effects of whiplash are pain and stiffness in the neck due to the injury. Other soft-tissue injury symptoms include painful symptoms like inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and soreness.

If you are suffering from a soft tissue injury, you mustn’t delay contacting a personal injury attorney for an initial consultation for treatment options and possible compensation for your injuries.

Documenting a Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue injuries can be hard to prove, especially if you delay receiving a medical evaluation. Car insurance adjusters often attempt to downplay injuries, especially injuries that lack documentation. Likewise, they may refuse to pay for needed medical treatment and financial compensation.  Accordingly, you will need to prove that the injury exists by taking some simple but crucial steps.

  • Get medical help immediately after the accident. You will need treatment to ease the pain, and it proves that your injuries are real.
  • Take and save pictures of the accident scene and your injuries. Photos can provide evidence of damage to your car and your body. They will be more reliable and provide proof to a juror or judge should your case goes to trial.
  • Get written statements from a doctor or expert witnesses. These statements will help your claim should an insurance company deny your injuries are legitimate.  
  • Keep a record of how the injury is affecting your life. It will be easier to remember important information in a trial if you keep a daily log of your injuries and treatment.

Remember, the strength of your case will depend on the proof of your injury. This will improve the chances of getting medical treatment and fair compensation for your soft tissue injuries.

Avoid Delays in Getting Help for Your Soft Tissue Injury

Car accidents can cause many difficult and frustrating experiences. It is important to seek legal guidance before signing any agreements or discussing your injuries with an insurance company. A California personal injury attorney can help you understand the necessary steps to prove a soft tissue injury, get medical treatment, and negotiate a fair settlement.

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