Holding Law Enforcement, Mechanics, & Adults Who Give Teenagers Alcohol Liable for Auto Accident Injuries

We’ve already discussed the essential elements of holding drivers liable for auto accident injuries and even discussed how other persons such as employers and parents can be held liable.  In this article, we discuss how individuals other than the driver can be held liable for injuries caused by a car accident. Specifically, we review the liability of adults who furnish alcohol to teenage drivers, mechanics, and law enforcement.

Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor

There is generally no civil liability for a person who furnishes alcohol to another person. An exception to this rule is when a parent, guardian, or adult provides alcohol to a person who he or she knows to be under 21 years of age, and an accident or injury arises later due to alcohol intoxication. For example, if a parent provides alcohol to a 17-year-old who later hits a pedestrian while driving under the influence, then the injured pedestrian can hold the parent who provided the alcoholic drink liable for their injuries.


Mechanics who repair or maintain a vehicle can also be held liable if they fail to observe the necessary skill and care expected of them. For example, a mechanic who fails to replace brake fluid can be liable for damages if the car later causes an accident due to brake failure. 

Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers can be held liable if they are negligent in their exercise of authority and put the occupants of a vehicle at risk.

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