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How to Avoid Sneaky Tricks by California Insurance Adjusters

Insurance agents will use many ploys to reduce a settlement for your personal injury claim. It is their job to keep settlements as low as possible, regardless of your injuries. This is why personal injury victims should speak with a California personal injury attorney after an accident. In the meantime, here are a few strategies (as well as some defenses) you can use to counter tricks used by insurance adjusters to damage your case.

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Musical Chairs with Your Case File

This clever trick involves wearing you out. You try to get in touch with your insurance adjuster but discover that the agent has been transferred to another unit, is on vacation, or otherwise unavailable for any number of reasons. You are then transferred to a “new” adjuster who does not have your paperwork. You then have to have to explain your claim all over again. This can be frustrating and confusing. Counter this by keeping all records of conversations and paperwork.

The “Dangling Carrot” Trick

You need to pay medical bills and receive compensation for pain and suffering due to your injuries. The adjuster knows this very well, and of course, insurance companies would rather pay you less than what you deserve. They will offer quick money by suggesting that your claim may take years to settle, so you should take the money now when you need it. Another tactic is to wait to make an offer during the holiday season. They know that this is the time of the year that people need extra cash. Tempting as this may be, consider that the settlement is meant to cover your expenses, present and future, and not just a one-time shopping spree.

Picking Inconvenient Times to Call You

This clever and very effective trick involves calling the injured person at inconvenient times, such as early in the morning or when you are about to leave for work. They are counting on you to make a rash decision, so you can hang up and go on with your day. Screen your calls and call when it is convenient for you. Make them wait for your response.

Play the Waiting Game

This may be the most cruel but effective one of all. The adjuster will play the waiting game by dragging out the settlement process. Their intent is to frustrate you into accepting a lower settlement than what you need and deserve. When the adjuster attempts this, do yourself a favor and get a personal injury attorney right away. Tell them that your personal injury attorney will get back to them.

Dealing with adjusters on your own can delay your recovery and jeopardize your case. They are employees of the insurance company and know the insurance game better than most people. Suffering through an injury is stressful and often means that you cannot think clearly. You need a personal injury attorney who will be your advocate, have compassion, and aggressively pursue those responsible for your injuries, both through the claim process and in court.

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