First Steps After A Car Accident

So you were just involved in a car accident, what’s next? Here’s what you need to know about California car accident law.

There’s a risk of getting involved car accident when you’re out driving. Knowing what to do when this happens can save you a lot of headaches in the future. In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about California car accident law.

Injured? Call 911

You were just in an accident. You could be in a state of shock, or you could be feeling a painful sensation. What do you have to do? Stop your car immediately; move only when it is safe and necessary to do so. If you feel pain or discomfort or believe you have injuries, seek emergency help immediately. When you can, call 911; in all cases, police authorities are the ones that respond to the accident scene.

Exchange Information

You also need to obtain personal and contact information from the other drivers. Take note of their names, addresses, and phone numbers; if possible, their driver’s license numbers too. Further essential details to get are their license plates, vehicle identification numbers, and insurance information.

Take Pictures

If you have a camera, it’s best to take photos of the damage. Perhaps shoot at all angles to best reveal the accident scene. Then notify your car insurance provider as soon as possible.

What Not To Do in a California Car Accident

After a car accident, don’t let your emotions get the best of you. It’s possible you are shocked, scared, or angry after the fact. But it’s essential to get a hold of yourself.

Never argue with anyone. It can be tempting to engage in a heated dispute with the other drivers. We highly advise you to stay calm and don’t let things escalate. Save your strength and story for the police officers, who will be investigating the scene, and for your insurance provider.

Don’t sign any statement, especially when it relates to your fault or promise to pay for damages incurred by the other driver. Wait for your auto accident lawyer before doing these things.

However, you may show your driver’s license, proof of car insurance coverage, vehicle registration card, and the like. You may also share your personal and contact information with the other drivers and police officers.

How I Can Help You

I help clients secure financial compensation for their injuries. Specifically, I help injured clients recover compensation from insurance companies, negligent drivers, and other liable parties.

The first step to financial recovery is a free consultation. Call my office at (916) 270-6880 Monday – Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM to learn more about your personal injury rights and damages.

Why Should You Contact a Sacramento Car Accident Attorney?

You run the risk of suffering more than physical injury and damage to your car after a car accident. In addition to those injuries, auto accidents can also result in financial loss. Car accidents may include sorting out medical bills, taking time off work, and losing earning capacity.

Let a California car accident attorney handle your case, guide you through the legal process, and fight for your right to get all forms of compensation. You owe it to yourself to focus on your recovery after going through a stressful accident.

What Are the Benefits of Retaining a California Car Accident Attorney?

1. Establishing Liability

The right to receive compensation depends on establishing the liability of the other driver. Thus, you must show that you suffered damage due to the fault or negligence of the other party.

A California attorney can help you establish the required elements supporting your compensation claim. He knows applicable case law and statutes to demonstrate the connection between your injuries and the other driver’s fault or negligence.

2. Setting the Value of Your Claim

Car accidents are expensive. There are physical injuries and auto damage involved. Moreover, there are other costs, such as medical expenses and loss of income due to time off work. Account for these things when setting up your compensation claim. A California car accident lawyer can help you with these matters and accurately value your claim.

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