When Is Changing Lanes Illegal In California?

Every driver changes lanes. From entering a freeway to avoiding hazards in the roadway, changing lanes is a necessary occurrence in driving. However, changing lanes in California is illegal in some instances. The California Vehicle Code on Changing Lanes  Any act that violates a law, statute, or regulation is illegal. With that said, that act […]

What To Do After A Car Accident in California

A car accident can be traumatizing, and many car accident victims don’t have the presence of mind to protect their legal interests. Of course, the first thing to do following a car accident in California is to secure medical treatment. Once your medical needs and the needs of other injured parties are secured, there are […]

Hitting An Illegally Parked Car – Car Accident Law

Hitting a parked vehicle, regardless of whether it is parked legally or otherwise, is by itself a negligent act.  This is just like using your mobile phone when driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A driver is required by statute to exercise reasonable care to avoid injury to persons or property in any circumstance.  Therefore, […]

Veterinarian’s Rule in Dog Bite Cases

Dog bites are not uncommon in vet offices, but that doesn’t mean that a pet owner is automatically exempt from liability when their dog bites vet staff. Different factors come into play if your dog bites someone in the vet’s office and it’s important to inform your lawyer of everything that happened. As a general […]

How Truck Accident Cases Are Different Than Car Accident Cases

One common mistake is treating a truck accident case like a typical car accident case. In reality, truck accident cases are entirely different from car accident cases. Of course, there is a similarity in that both are vehicle accidents on public roadways, but the applicable regulations can be very different. Furthermore, the investigation process following […]

Evidence & Records in Car Accident Lawsuits

California car accident attorneys perform their own investigation after taking on a new auto accident case. This investigation will include reviewing accident reports, medical records, and interviewing eyewitnesses. More specifically, your car accident attorney will perform the following investigatory steps: Obtain a copy of the accident report and review the police report Review the insurance […]

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