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    The reality is that many drivers in Sacramento will be involved in an auto accident at some point.  As a Sacramento car accident lawyer, I know that car accidents often lead to pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.  To make matters worse, insurance companies will use every strategy available to reduce your compensation. You can level the playing field and get the recovery you deserve by calling my law firm today at (916) 270-6880.  I help car accident victims like you get fair compensation through aggressive legal representation.

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    To help car accident victims get free legal information and learn more about their rights I offer free consultations Monday through Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM. To receive your free consultation just call my office at (916) 270-6880.  During the consultation, you’ll speak directly with attorney Jin Kim or an associate and learn more about your rights and personal injury case.

    Car accident litigation is time-consuming, complex, and document-intensive.  As a result, the defendant’s insurance company always has an advantage over someone without legal representation.  By putting an experienced car accident attorney on your side, you will level the playing field and put yourself in a better position to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

    How I Can Help You

    I help clients secure financial compensation for their injuries. Specifically, I help injured clients recover compensation from insurance companies, negligent drivers, and other liable parties.

    The first step to financial recovery is a free consultation. Call my office at (916) 270-6880 Monday – Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM to learn more about your personal injury rights and damages.


    Jin Kim

    Why You Should Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

    Many car accident victims think they’re better off dealing with the insurance company without legal representation.  After all, auto accident attorneys are expensive – the average personal injury attorney charges a 32% contingency fee – so you could in theory save money by handling the claim yourself. However, people who handle their own insurance claims often end up with lower settlement checks. According to Martindale-Nolo research, personal injury representation typically resulted in 3 times the payout compared to unrepresented parties.  Moreover, 91% of parties with personal injury representation received a settlement, but that number dropped to 51% for unrepresented parties.

    Legal representation in personal injury cases often result in a net financial benefit to the client because car accident cases are complex; there are thousands of decisions that have shaped California car accident case law and further defined the already complicated California Vehicle Code.  Apart from the law, the claims process itself is complicated, and insurance companies take advantage of that complicated process to low-ball car accident victims. As a result, the average individual without an attorney usually accepts a lower amount than what they deserve.  Accordingly, car accident attorneys like Jin Kim can enhance financial recovery for car accident victims.

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    After your free consultation, you may decide to trust us with your case by signing a representation agreement. Once signed, that agreement will form the attorney-client relationship and empower us to represent you against the insurance company. You can focus on your medical recovery and while we focus on your financial recovery. We’ll be in contact throughout the process as we gather evidence, negotiate on your behalf, and update you on significant developments.


    The insurance company has the time, energy, and experience to fight claims and reduce payouts.  Likewise, injured parties without legal representation lack the time, energy, and experience to fight the insurance company and may not understand what they truly deserve under California car accident law.  In fact, many insurance companies take advantage of unrepresented victims who don’t understand the law to push for a low payout. To level the playing field it’s probably in your best interest to let us invest our time, energy and experience to fight for your legal rights.


    Every car insurance company employs adjusters and other personnel with one goal: to pay nothing or as little as possible on your claim.  To that end, they may try to deny your claim. If that doesn’t work, or if the facts are strongly in your favor, they’ll try to settle your claim for as little as possible.  For that reason, don’t sign anything until you speak with us during a free consultation. If you sign something from the insurance company you may be losing your right to fair compensation.


    When the insurance company offers a settlement it can be tempting to take the check.  However, it’s always in your interest to speak with a car accident lawyer first. During a FREE CONSULTATION, the attorney can evaluate your case and make sure the insurance company is offering a reasonable amount.  Unsurprisingly, the settlement offers are rarely reasonable and could be much less than what our car accident lawyer can negotiate.

    How Car Accident Lawyer Jin Kim Improves Your Case

    Your Sacramento car accident lawyer needs to present compelling evidence of liability to secure an optimal settlement.  Sometimes this task is easy such as when the driver runs a red light and hits the victim’s car. However, in the majority of cases there is some grey area and conflicting versions of events.  Clearly, the car insurance company will make every effort to discredit a version of the accident that leads to covered liability. Part of that effort will involve tactics to poke holes in your story or record statements that compromise your claim.  To pursue your claim in a competent manner car accident attorney Jin Kim will gather evidence such as:

    • Video – dash cams and other sources of video are prevalent today.  Sources of video can come from security cameras, cell phones, and even traffic cameras.  Sometimes these sources video evidence must be subpoenaed.
    • Scene of the Accident – The police report is just one method of evaluating the scene of the accident.  Your car accident attorney may need to hire an investigator to analyze tire marks, points of impact, damage to the vehicles, resting positions, and even individual components of the vehicles.
    • Witnesses – Both the insurance company and your auto accident lawyer will use witness statements to strengthen their case.  Statements obtained through interviews can help establish causation and liability. Much like video evidence, witness statements can provide a different perspective of the accident.  For instance, you may have come to a complete stop before being rear-ended. While you may not have seen the other car before impact, a witness in the next lane may have seen the other driver looking at their phone before the collision.
    • Text Messages / Social Media – Forms of time-stamped digital media can help establish causation in a car accident.  Simply put, a text message sent by a driver in motion at the same time as the crash can suggest that the driver violated their duty of care and is thus liable.  Similar implications arise from social media activity and emails proximate to the time of the accident.
    • Tickets – The police may investigate the scene of a car accident and issue citations or even make an arrest.  Citations and arrests suggest that a driver broke a law, and that violation can help establish that the driver violated their duty to exercise ordinary care which in turn caused the accident.

    Employer Liability Can Increase Victim Compensation

    The issue of who is liable can extend beyond who was driving. What a car crash victim without an attorney may not know, and what the insurance company won’t tell them, is that liability can extend to employers. If a driver was operating a vehicle on a task within the scope of employment, and the driver caused the accident, the employing business may be liable for damages and injury. This is important since businesses often carry larger insurance policies than regular drivers.


    Once car accident lawyer Jin Kim identifies who is liable for your injuries she starts assembling evidence of damages. This can range from pain and suffering to lost wages, but some of the common pieces of evidence include:

    • Missed Work – pay stubs or payroll reports for lost wages due to injury
    • Medical Testimony – from doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals pertaining to future treatment, pain and suffering, disability, and injuries.
    • Occupational Testimony – from occupational experts pertaining to your inability to work in your occupation due to injury.
    • Psychologist Testimony – pertaining to mental trauma stemming from the accident. Medical Bills


    While the settlement will depend on the facts of the case, damages, and evidence, the average settlement for a car accident in Sacramento generally ranges from $14,000 to $28,000. Of course, more serious car accidents can easily exceed $30,000, and damages resulting in permanent injuries such as spinal cord damage or paralysis will result in much higher settlements. In general, the settlement amount is less than the total award at trial, and whether your case must progress to trial will depend upon the facts of your case.

    While Sacramento car accident lawyer Jin Kim can’t predict your recovery until she fully evaluates the evidence, she can estimate whether your damages are sufficient to represent you on a contingency basis.  To find out if attorney Jin Kim can take your case call her at (916) 270-6880 for a free consultation.

    How Much Can Sacramento Car Accident Victims Recover?

    Every Sacramento car accident victim wants to know how much their case is worth. In reality, this answer depends on the facts and evidence which varies by case. After being retained, a Sacramento personal injury attorney will assemble the evidence which includes medical information to value the claim. Once the evidence is assembled your personal injury attorney will have a more accurate figure.

    How much a Sacramento car accident victim will recover will depend on the following:

    • Injuries – the extent and severity.
    • Ongoing medical care
    • Missed work
    • Whether you can return to work, and if so, when you can return.
    • The total amount of medical bills
    • Pain and suffering as documented by medical evidence and testimony

    Calculating the total amount of damages requires gathering the foregoing evidence and application of California personal injury law to the facts of the case. This can only be done by an experienced personal injury attorney or insurance company – in other words, experts. When the average individual attempts to value their own claim their figure is often much lower than the potential damages calculated by an experienced Sacramento personal injury attorney.

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